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Today’s world feels like it can’t function without social media. More and more people are spending more time engaging in social media. With the increase and advancement in technology, there is never a moment where someone is NOT on social media. Think about it. We’re checking in at work, the gym, our favorite lunch spot.

Companies and marketers know that they have to go directly to their audience. Some may think that creating a profile on every single social media platform will automatically increase their customer traffic. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Yes, social media is an excellent and affordable tool to reach the masses and gain exposure. However, the ins and outs of effectively marketing on social media are a little bit more complex than that. Certain users are more active on certain sites. So if your target audience includes males in their mid-thirties, you are probably going to want to utilize a different social media platform than a company targeting females in their late teens/early twenties. Don’t go shooting aimlessly in the dark. Find your target and hit it! Let’s dive a little deeper by exploring some social media age demographics broken down by platform.

Twitter (271 million users) According to 2014 twitter analysis, most of the users are predominately male. As you can see in the numbers below, users between the age of 18 to 29 make up 35% of their network. Twitter is also a “fast blog” network. Where people can quickly send out links and short excerpts for their followers to see. You can also note that this particular platform may not be the strongest suit if you are pushing a product aimed at the 65+ community, as they make up only 5% of the twitter world.

18-29                95 Million          35%

30-49                54 Million          20%

50-64                30 Million          11%

65+                   13.5 Million       5%


LinkedIn (300 million users) – Geared as a more “professional” network, LinkedIn is a great social media platform to link to like-minded individuals as well as reaching out across industries. It is also a more in-depth resume or portfolio for businesses and individuals (versus a Twitter bio with character limits). Unlike Twitter, over 100 million LinkedIn users are over the age of 50! Their largest audience is between the 30-49 age threshold with 81 million of its users. This is a great platform to promote professional services, business startups, software or supplies.

18-29                45 Million          15%

30-49                81 Million          27%

50-64                72 Million          24%

65+                   39 Million          13%


Instagram (200 million users) – A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in the Instagram world. Instagram is a great platform to incorporate digital media into your marketing strategy. By posting pictures and videos you allow the user to have a different look into your business or product. Studies show that 57% of Instagram users access the application daily. It is definitely attractive to a younger market, as 74 million of their users are between 18 and 29 years old.

18-29                74 million          37%

30-49                36 million          18%

50-64                12 million          6%


Pinterest (70 million users) – Pinterest users have been found to be mostly women. In addition, the audience range is much younger than the aforementioned social media platforms. 20 million of their users are between 18-29 years old.

18-29                20 Million          27%

30-49                18 Million          24%

50-64                10.5 Million       14%

65+                   6.75 Million       9%


Facebook (1.2 billion users) – Yep, you read that correctly. Facebook, as some may go as far to deem the mother of all social media (because we’ve clearly disregarded MySpace), has over 1 BILLION users! That is a huge market. This number is probably what makes Facebook advertising and marketing strategies so profitable for businesses. Facebook has created a great way for the consumer to communicate directly with the provider. The social media platform has a pretty broad scope of users at all ages, with their highest range being users between 35 and 54 years old holding 31.1% of users space.

13-17                9.8 Million         5.4%

18-24                42 Million          23.3%

25-34                44 Million          24.4%

35-54                56 Million          31.1%

55+                   28 Million          15.6%


Using social media strategically can be a great tool to market your business and product. Now that you have a closer understanding of what age groups are most active on each platform, you can tailor your marketing campaign by platform.