Stay Connected with Social Media Marketing — Tips for the Budding Social Media Entrepreneur

Social media has become more of a way of life for the millennial generation. We use it for just about everything, and pretty consistently throughout our day. It has become a key tool for us to find and share information instantaneously. Have you ever thought — “Wow, I really love social media and I really get it. How can I make the most out of it?” Likely, the answer is yes.

Social Media Marketing is becoming a staple piece of today’s brands. Whether you are looking at small scale businesses, corporations, non-profits or a single event — they are likely to try and leverage social media to increase their awareness and build an audience. Since the social media landscape is constantly changing, there are always new tools and methods that can be used for effective social media marketing. However, when it comes to the basics there are a few standard things. Find your brand voice and identify your target audience. Then spend some time trying to figure out which social media networks your audience uses the most and focus on those platforms specifically. Utilize tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to help you schedule your content ahead of time and keep track of how your individual posts are performing. Then sit back and watch the numbers grow!

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Jessica Rafaeil is a P.R. and Branding Specialist that loves working with young artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs.

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