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Forbes recently released their 2018 list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. While the list of women and their accolades proves a tremendous feat for those screaming “girl power” around the globe, the cover photo featuring the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s youngest starlet, Kylie Jenner, seemed to throw the real-world into a confused frenzy.

Kylie’s feature on the list comes with the inclusion of several beauty-business moguls, with her $900 million before reaching the tender age of 21-years-old claimed as “self-made.”

While the achievement of almost $1 billion in a cosmetic empire is more than impressive, the idea that she – and most of the others, including her sister, Kim Kardashian-West – achieved that level of success on their own seems absurd. That is, in fact, what self-made means, is it not?

Although their faces may be the sole representation of their brands, there is something that is not accounted for in their self-made status. In Jenner’s case, she has had family, friends and a fortune to help her reach her goals.

All of the women on this list can be considered inspirational in some form or fashion – I mean, it takes a lot of vision to build a successful brand! The one thing I want you to remember is the biggest source of inspiration as you continue to grow your brand – YOU!

No matter what stage you are at in your brand building, you are self-made. It has taken your vision, your goals and your insight to get you this far. Those same things will be what moves you one step towards your spot on the Forbes list!

Whether its beauty and lip-kits, fashion and accessories or whatever sparks your fire – remember it’s your lane and your brand, not anyone else’s. While Kylie Cosmetics may inspire your brand, don’t lose sight of keeping your brand unique, special and solely yours!

And never forget – being “self-made” still takes a village. We all have help along the way.

It’s your story. Get out there and tell it!

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Jessica Rafaeil is a P.R. and Branding Specialist that loves working with young artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs.

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