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I recently sat down with a “mobile entrepreneur.” A mobile entrepreneur is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – an entrepreneur who can pick up her/his business and take it with them on the go. There are a number of benefits that come along with being your own boss and being able to take your business with you everywhere you go. Thanks to technology, just about anyone can work from their phone/tablet/computer and get the job done.

Pineal Lens is a music producer who spends a lot of his time traveling. Spending time in hotels and Air BnBs doesn’t hold him back from finishing his projects. Thanks to the internet, mobile-friendly equipment and devices, Pineal Lens can take his studio set up with him where he goes.

We talked about some of the top budget saving benefits of having a mobile business.

1. No Overhead Cost – Saving on rent is a definite benefit of a mobile business. The best part is you can use that extra money on things your business may need and your travel expenses. If your job requires you to travel a lot, it’s important to be able to have a mobile version of your workspace for when you are on the go.

2. More Accessibility – Being able to bring what you need with you makes you accessible to others and opens up your access to different places and opportunities. You never have to worry about what you are sacrificing to be out of the office or to be stuck in the office. Get where you need to go when you want.

3. It Forces Networking – Being able to bring your business with you wherever you go allows you real-time opportunities to showcase what it is you do and how you do it best. Setting up shop in a travel site is a great way to schedule some “walk-in” consultations or potential client meetings.

Whether you are traveling with your mobile production studio, your canvas, paints, or your sewing kit, make sure you’ve got a mobile version of your perfect workspace.

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Jessica Rafaeil is a P.R. and Branding Specialist that loves working with young artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs.

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