Building strong brands and establishing your presence in the market not only takes time, it takes the right strategy. There are so many people who spend countless hours promoting their business or product, posting endless updates on social media, and even utilizing every new streamlining tool on the market. All of that effort with hardly any real results. Why? This is mostly because of lack of strategy and sales focus. More than Press has the tools and services to help you develop your strategy, build your brand, establish your presence and increase your sales!

More Than Press is led by it’s founder, Jessica Rafaeil. Jessica is an established Public Relations and Branding Specialist. She is an experienced PR professional with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. She has worked in various arenas, including Nonprofit Organizations, Arts & Entertainment, Governmental Affairs, Crisis Communications, and Event Management. Her number one goal, along with More Than Press, is to help brands reach global audiences through content development, strategic planning and international social PR tactics.




Learn more about the importance of Public Relations – specifically for artists – with More Than Press with Jess.